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Excellent equipment and strong technical force


Changzhou Linghang Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Linghang Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of new insulation materials. The company is located in Luoyang Town, Changzhou, the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.
The company mainly produces(PU/PIR)polyurethane composite insulation board and various industrial electric sliding doors, manual sliding doors, push-pull semi-buried doors, ultra high and low temperature return doors, free doors, clean doors and so on.
Based on years of practical experience, Pilots now have a first-class domestic design, production, sales and installation service team; advanced and perfect insulation board and warehouse door production equipment, and can be professional according to customer's special specifications and specific needs.…

Four advantages give you all-round protection

Focus on every detail, just because we understand your needs better

Powerful 01

Engaged in the cold chain equipment industry for many years, experienced, product quality assurance.
Experienced and skilled with an installation team
Complete set of imported testing equipment, capable quality inspection technical team

Quality Assurance 02

According toISO9001:2008、national Standard and American Standard establish their own products and service standards
The production line is advanced and the quality of production specifications is guaranteed.
Each batch of products is fully tested and provides detailed inspection data reports.

Experience 03

Advanced and perfect insulation board and production equipment of Kumen.
Have a domestic first-class design, production, sales, installation service team
Flexible and efficient production, according to management strategy, quality and quantity


Efficient service 04

Maintenance service: After receiving the customer's repair call, arrange the technical commissioner to follow up and be responsible.
Warranty service is provided after installation and commissioning.
Regular maintenance calls will be made after the maintenance.


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